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Theft of Ghost Stations™ Material


Ghost Stations™ 1 by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny The new Book Ghost Stations™ 1 based on the original Ghost Stations™ is out now and being quickly followed by a new set of Ghost Stations™ Books based on my original Ghost Stations™ Series.

You will be pleased to know that the Ghost Stations™ Stories are being reissued, but in a different style and format for the 21st Century.

Ghost Stations™ is being published by L'AQUILA, which is now part of the ANZIO Group

However there is a court case, where another publisher and their plagiarist has blatantly published (even after being made aware that the material was stolen), material from Ghost Stations™, and this of course affects the sales, image and my integrity.

Anyway, once the judge sees how shamefully they have stolen the material from Ghost Stations™, and heard the ludicrous excuses, the matter, I trust, will be quickly dealt with by way of damages and removal of all illegal books from the shops.

I will name the publisher and managing director and all those guilty of publishing this plagiarism, after the Court case … here on this Website; like I did when Pen & Sword tried - behind my back - to publish my Work that they had made politically correct.

Quite simply Ghost Stations™ that I wrote all those years ago, was first in its field and it takes a lot of time and money to properly research these stories. Having learnt by bitter experience from my early years - my first court case was in 1988, which I won - I started to put “traps” in my Work to clearly catch plagiarists. And it works every time, showing they could only have got their material from my books … and nowhere else.

A giant myth that is often used by plagiarists is that these stories are in the public records and public domain (proof in itself that they’ve done no research) … but, you will find there is no information in public records and in actual fact they have sod all in them as anyone who does genuine research knows full well.

Even MoD has admitted to me that they use my books for research as it is more accurate and has more information than their own. That you only get from hard work and spending a lot of money and time in research … money invested that I still after all these years have never recouped.

Then for someone to come along, sit on their bum and lift the stories from my books just isn’t on, and where I find plagiarism, I will deal with it. If plagiarism like this isn’t stopped, then genuine authors just won’t do new research and create new material, because as it is they often find it hard to recoup the money they have spent. Plagiarists just steal other people’s hard work.

Not only that, the income from my books are my pension and financial income of my family, so these thieves are stealing my pension, which, had I not created these books in the first place they would not have had anything to steal.

Think about it!

Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

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